Sunday, September 27, 2009

North Sulawesi Declared A Special Economic Region

JAKARTA, Sept 26 (Bernama) -- In view of North Sulawesi's rapid investment and economic development, Indonesia's central government has declared the province a Special Economic Region (SER).

"North Sulawesi is the second to have passed the verification as a SER in Indonesia," Governor SH Sarundajang said.

The governor said the central government gave serious attention to North Sulawesi and named it a SER after the province had made every effort to accelerate the development of its economic-supporting infrastructure projects.

Sarundajang said that the Bitung international sea port overlooking the Pacific Ocean as a gateway for exports and imports in East Indonesia, had a strategic function to support the SER.

"Besides Bitung sea port, Sam Ratulangi airport has also established international flights to a number of countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan," Sarundajang was quoted as having said by Antara News Agency in Manado, the provincial capital on Saturday.

According to the governor, both domestic and foreign investment in North Sulawesi had increased significantly from year to year along with exports.

Meanwhile, North Sulawesi councilor Benny Rhamdani said the province should receive positive response after having been named a SER.

"The central government has placed its trust in the province and this proves that the economic development in the area has substantially progressed," Benny added.

He however pointed out that unemployment and poverty rates in the province was still high enough and therefore a solution was needed immediately to prevent it from impacting negatively on the economic sector.

North Sulawesi, is growing in popularity among Malaysians including investors seeking new opportunities, ever since AirAsia began operating direct flights to Manado.

(Source: Bernama, September 26, 2009 16:00 PM)

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