Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moving Ocean Containers using Giant Ships

In this page, you will see some pictures of giant ships and their loading. Do you know how big latest containerships ever built? How long the ship is? How wide the ship is? What is the draft or draught depth? Below is a Hapag-Lloyd containership with its container is being piloted by a tugboat to berth at a port. Can you predict its length, its draft, and its capacity? Guess!

Perhaps, Emma Maersk of AP-Moller Maersk is the biggest containership ever built in this planet. Is that true? It has 397 meter length, 60 meter width, and 14 meter draft depth with a capacity of 11,000 TEU (Twenty Feet Equivalent Unit). The image below showing the "Emma Maersk", the giant containership.



However, other shipping companies are also competing. There are some shipping companies start employing giant containership, as big as Emma Maersk. Hapaq-Lloyd, OOCL, and many others pushing their competitiveness by operating these giants.


Below are two images of OOCL Shenzhen



Are all these giant ships safe for its containers as well as for the ocean? How about this picture!


(Images are taken from many sources)

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