Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Journal Call for Paper from Asia Pacific Journal of Strategic Development

Call for Papers

The greatest emerging economies of the World in this century, namely China, India, and the ASEAN region, which is in Asia continent as well as the fantastic growth of the Latin-American economies, have marked and labeled this century as the Asia Pacific century. All countries of the world are now in a full-alert of the greatest achievement. Strategy and development need to be shared for all to get a better life for human being as well as for the environment.

The Asia-Pacific Journal of Strategic Development (APJSD) seeks to become a leading yet supportive forum for intellectual exchange among experienced and early-career researchers and academia. APJSD also welcomes professional and government involvement with submissions that stimulate engagement between academics and practitioners interested in research in the area of strategic development.

We invite qualified and state-of-art original conceptual and research papers, review papers, technical reports, case studies, management reports, book reviews, research notes, and commentaries in all aspects of social sciences, arts, technology, economics and businesses that are related to subject coverage of this journal.

Journal Coverage

The following topics are among those of interest but not limited to APJSD:
• Strategic studies
• Green growth strategy
• Sustainable development issues
• Adapting strategic planning to development
• Management of strategy
• Strategic alliances and collaboration
• Strategic infrastructure development
• Strategic resource development
• Strategic human resource development
• Strategic technology development
• Competitive strategic development
• Strategic change management
• Leadership and governance
• Building community capacity
• People involvement in development
• Market strategy and development
• Competence-based strategy

How to submit a paper:

Submissions from experienced and young researchers, professional, consultants, government officers are welcome. APJSD also make available an opportunity for less-experienced and young but talented authors to work with an editorial team which acts in a mentoring role to enhance the quality of work seeking to be published. Final paper submitted by authors will be double-blind peer reviewed to ensure quality, rigour and relevance of the final product.

All manuscripts should be submitted by email to the editor-in-chief.

Muhammad Subhan, Ph.D (Editor-in-chief)
Executive Director
Institute for Aceh Strategic Development
Banda Aceh, Indonesia

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