Thursday, October 15, 2009

What is a Blog?

By: BizStra

Blog, also called a weblog or web log is an internet web-based facility for publishing that allow a blogger to publish posts, receive comments, selling products or advertisement or get involve in online communication. A blogger is a person who maintains and runs a blog. A good blog provides its blogger with of course a post or article writing tool, and some widgets that allow a blogger to put things such as text, followers, search engine, script, and many more. All the facilities in a blog has been created automatically making it easier for a blogger running a blog, although he does not know anything about the internet world.

Not like a website that requires programming HTML or PHP to be able to show an interesting website. With a blog as it facilitated at your fingertips.

What is the difference between blogs and websites?

Basically they are the same. Just on the blog, everything has been made so easy that allow a person to write and type just like in MS Word. All programming on a blog has been created automatically and it is hidden by a blog template creator.

Is that the only ability of a blog?

No, it was only the ability or the basic functions of a blog. Depart from here, creative bloggers have started to create a blog as a principle for making money. How? It is by making a blog as a platform for advertising. We called this function as ‘monetize’ a blog. So, in addition to write a posting such as an article to put in his blog, a blogger is selling advertisements through their blogs so that they earn lot of money through their blogs.

How much of a blogger make money from monetize a blog?

More or less it depends on the efforts and creativity of a blogger. Some bloggers get USD50 a month, some get 300 dollars, some get 1000 dollars or 5000 dollars and some get even up to 500.000 dollars a year. Wow! Is it little or a lot? You know the answer.

So, I want to start a blog now and I want to create money through my blog. What should I do?

One has to have Google mail in order to create a blog using facility? Is it the only platform for creating a blog? No, there are a lot of other platforms that allow you to create a blog. For example, you can use But most of bloggers, they use as their platforms. Why? Perhaps it is easier and everything is there, and it's linked with Google!

Read my post on how to create a blog step-by-step.

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