Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Installing a Shout or a Chat Box for a Blog

Do know that one of the most effective means to increase a blog traffic and keep existing visitors to spend more time on your blog is by installing a shout box or a chat box in your blog. A Shout or a chat box will allow your visitors communicate with you while you are online and allow them to find other visitors of your blog. If they the communication works, it means that you make your visitors ti spend some time on your blog. It is a fine strategy in showing to SEO that your blog has dedicated visitors.

How to install a shout box?

Yes. It's a free shout widget. Follow this instruction to install a shout box for your blog:

Open this URL:
Click "Create Shoutbox" button. Then a following form will come up.

Fill the form completely and hit "continue" button. Don't forget to check terms of service button before you proceed.

Follow all instructions step-by-step accordingly. It's very simple and easy. After finishing all the steps, still in, go to "Control Panel" tab. Click "Get Codes". A script containing code will appear. Copy the script.

Now, you need to login to your blogger. Click layout tab then choose Page Elements. Click "Add a Gadget" in accordance to which you want to put your shout box. Choose a gadget "HTML/Java Script". Then paste the codes or the script in the gadget. Click "Save".

Now you have a shout box that allow you and your visitors communicate each other.

For Bahasa Indonesia instruction, please click the link below:
Buat Shout Box | By Masdoyok


  1. sorry sob telat blz,,
    tips diatas berfungsi untuk categori atau lebel anda akan berubah menjadi animasi,,
    seperti punya q,,

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    A chat box may be useful, I agree, but a problem too. It means a lot of work and has to be "babysat" 24 hours a day. I don't spend so much time in front of the computer. It may also become a problem when people use foul language and I can't control what they write.

  3. this chat box some times very usefull but sometimes is very painfull but nice sharing and keeping posting...:]

  4. @Karin & @Shaz: I realized those problems will come up when we install a chat box. We have to control that box all the time just like what Karin said that we are like a "babysat", opening our eyes 24 hours a day. But I don't wanna be a babysat. I will do it when I have a plenty time. Do it very relax and let my readers to leave their messages. Anyway, I do thanks to your visits and comments. Nice to know you and have a great day.

  5. Thanks sudah comment di blog saya, salam kenal juga ya bang dari kami di Pekanbaru.
    Anyway, to me a shout box is very helpfull, so we know and can visit them back anyone who has visit and shout to our blog.


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